The Improbables is the story of five older superheroes who live together in Manhattan. They were all created in a lab in New Jersey (as are all superheroes), and drew the short end of the stick when it came to superpowers. Each had his glory days in the 1970’s and 80’s, but today find themselves becoming irrelevant as technology progresses, and their powers lessen with age. Now they have come together to prove that working as a team they are still superheroes, and as improbable as it may seem, can still save the world on a weekly basis.

The Improbables features the voices of Jimmie Walker (Good Times) as “Denominator”, who is really good at math; Emmy Award-winning Bruce Vilanch as “Radio Interference Man”, who can disrupt electrical devices; Emmy Award-winner Jim Vallely as “Timepiece”, who can usually see five seconds into the future; Paul Willson (Cheers, Office Space) as “Shut-Eye”, who can put anyone to sleep instantly in just one sentence; and Jordi Caballero (Sex In The City, tons of TV and movies) as “Centauro”, a half-man, half horse from Cuba.

The Improbables is created by writers and producers of The Golden Girls, and the creator of the Super Golden Friends video.


Kevin Bapp is an illustrator, art director and huge Golden Girls and Superfriends fan. As a tribute, he created the hit mash-up video, Super Golden Friends. It became an instant hit, and has garnered over 8 million views and counting. One of those viewers was Marc Sotkin, former head writer and Executive Producer of The Golden Girls. Marc reached out to Kevin just to tell him how much he enjoyed Super Golden Friends and that it made him laugh. But in their conversations came the idea for The Improbables.

Sotkin suggested that instead of initially creating a TV show, The Improbables would be a graphic novel. Kevin would do the artwork, Marc would write. But he wouldn’t write alone. Wanting to have some of the fun he had collaborating while on The Golden Girls, Marc enlisted the talents of Tracy Gamble, another writer and producer on the TV show.

Then, while creating their first graphic novel, the trio decided that it would be fun to add some short animations. Instead of a simple graphic novel, they would create a multi-media ebook. It was time to add voices to the characters. An amazing cast was assembled. As you’ll see on the credits page, talented people in web design, animation, music, PR, and social media have also joined the team.

The Improbables is actually more than the story of five older superheroes. At its heart, it’s about the fact that we’re all superheroes with limited superpowers. But if we all use whatever powers and talents we have to help others, we will all be superheroes. We hope you will not only enjoy The Improbables, but you will also use your superpowers for good. Then, you too will be one of The Improbables!

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